NEW TEXTILE STRUCTURES AND TECHNOLOGIES - This module comprises a one-week course lecturing innovative and high performance fibres and yarns for the textile and fashion industry. Woven and knitted structures will also be reviewed.

NANOMATERIALS - The nanomaterials module is constituted by a one-week course addressing the importance of nowadays textile nanotechnology and their applications in all of their possible dimensions. Some case studies will be offered.

ELECTRONIC TEXTILES - This two-weeks course starts with the basic definition within this field and includes a comprehensive review on all the major components of an electrotextile system. Some reliability and washability standards are also tackled.

DIGITAL FASHION DESIGN - This two-weeks course encompasses a detailed review on research and trend analysis for the development of a collection. A mini-collection development is to be simulated through the aid of CADs.

SUSTAINABILITY IN DESIGN AND PRODUCTION - This module comprehends a one-week course involving a thorough explanation of the major concepts in sustainability, environmental management systems and their legal framework. Some financial and social aspects are also addressed.

LOGISTICS AND DISTRIBUTION - This one-week course deals with the major concepts revolving around the logistics, supply chain, inventories and all the legal and regulatory aspects related to them. An in-depth analysis of the global nature of the logistic and innovative approaches in logistics and distribution is also provided.